book review

Recommended Reading – My Top 3 Books for 2016

Heading into the holidays and the coming new year is always a good time to reflect on the past year and our plans for 2017. It’s also a good time to put our feet up with a few good books. So I thought I’d share my top 3 reads from 2016. It’s a bit of 

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Creating a Business Plan

Live on Udemy! How to Build a Business Plan.

How to Build a Business Plan I’m very pleased to announce that after months of planning and hard work, my first video based training course on building a business plan is available on Udemy! The training course is aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners. The training will help in building a business plan. The course is 

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Business Plan

Creating a Business Plan in 12 Steps

Coming Soon on Udemy – Building a Business Plan. Hello! I’ll be launching my first video based training course soon. The course is Building Your Business Plan in 12 Steps. It is made up of 19 lectures and provides almost 3 hours of video tuition. I’ll be giving away free access to a number of lucky 

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Are Large Corporates Beyond Help?

Corporate Mis-governance It’s impossible to scan the news today without coming across some corporate failure, transgression, or scandal. We’ve had large banks being bailed out by government at the taxpayers’ expense. These banks would have ordinarily gone out of business. We’ve had companies such as British Home Stores (BHS) collapsing after being sold with 11,000 job 

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