DSC06889As we grow older we become more risk averse. This is usually noticeable when we look at our kids and watch them leap out of trees, jump off high diving boards, or take to their skateboards; things we used to do without a second thought when we were their age.

In my early 20s a bunch of friends and I took up sky-diving. Even with thumping adrenaline and bravado, there was still a moment of hesitation as I as I stepped out of a perfectly good aircraft. But as I clutched the wing strut and let go to plunge earthwards, nothing was going to stop me.

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SuperRugby1The smell of bacon and fresh coffee, eggs sizzling in a pan, freshly buttered toast, and reading the Sunday papers. The ideal way to end a week? Not for me. I prefer the two hours I spend outdoors on the rugby pitch teaching six-year-old kids how to play rugby.

Aside from the rewards that teaching anything (worth learning) brings to both student and teacher and getting to spend time with my own 6 year old, the more time I spend out on the pitch, the more I learn myself. What about? Well there is the obvious, such as the laws of rugby, the mechanics of the game and the basic skills one requires. More importantly however the experience I gain from having to deal with behaviours that I am confronted with is invaluable.

I am finding that these experiences and lessons are adding value to other areas of my life – most notably managing a team of adults in the workplace. How can this be so? What can 20 six-year-old kids teach you to deal more effectively with? Let’s take a look.

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It’s great having dreams, but to turn them into reality takes action. How are you going to take the next step and make this happen?